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Here at the Zabid Website I am collecting information and resources relating to the town of Zabid in the Yemen.

Here you will find facts, information, history, descriptions, photographs and other resources.

Feel free to use my information about Zabid, the Yemen and deserts in your own home-work and online projects and make sure to mention the Zabid Website in your project and link to www.zabid.com from your own pages, or our school or college pages.

About Zabid

The historic town of Zabid lies close to the Red Sea coast. Zabid was the historic capital of Yemen from the 13th to the 15th centuries. Noted for its university, Zabid was an important centre of learning, at that time, for the whole of the Arab and Islamic world.

A little known scholar (to the western world), al-Jaladi, is said to have invented Algebra in Zabid in the 9th century.

Zabid is now a World Heritage site with a wealth of archaeological and historical interest.